Kalina Leseva

Riding, horses, nature – all of this makes me overwhelmingly happy. The summer of 2013 left some amazing memories and I would not trade that experience for anything. The feeling you get, when a riding exercise has finally worked out successfully after myriads of attempts is incredible. At the same time it teaches you patience, control of your emotions and perseverance. Here, at Adgor, everything is like a fairytale – you watch the horses roaming freely, as the splendid landscapes unfold before you. Even just doing my volunteer work here makes me feel great! If I could, I’d repeat this summer again and again and again…and then during the rest of the year I’d have spent the days without getting bored, because I’d have been in my favorite place – Adgor.

Adriana Brankova

Everything began in the summer of 2014 when I had my first close contact with horses. I was a little scared until I mounted the horse, and experienced this great feeling which shakes you from within. The feeling which made me fall in love with these incomparable animals.

I tried several horse bases that summer but only one of them made me come back again and again - “Adgor”. A charming place where I sense a lot of love and dedication – coming not only from the horses and the nature, but also from the wonderful people who welcomed me there very warmly.

The magic is hidden in one word: FREEDOM!

In “Adgor”, I feel liberated, carefree and full (not only of clean air), but also charged with positive energy to rediscover many new things, which have been, until now, beyond me. I believe I have finally found my own, unique spot of the world. A place where I can express myself!

I thank the team for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this great adventure!

Boriana Raykova

To gallop freely, bareback, feeling the wind in my hair, in the midst of stunning landscapes of meadows, forests and mountains, magically irresistible sunsets, and fresh smells. This has been my dream which came true through “Adgor”. The fascinating nature, the wonderful horses, and the incredible people, which I have discovered here, have completely captivated me. The personal attitude and care I have received are priceless. Not a day has passed by when I have not learned something new, either about working with horses, or about myself. The natural relationship with these animals teaches me patience and consistency. The days, spent in “Adgor”, are some of my mostly awaited and favorite ones!

Georgi Dinchev

Until I was introduced to the method of working with the horses in the “Adgor” horse base, I had no idea what I had missed. Observing the team, I was astonished by the unique way that they rode and associated with the horses.

My debut in horseback riding was at 7 years of age, and since then I have repeatedly watched people ride horses. Therefore, I imagined I was not losing anything much by continually turning down the invitations of my friend Sasho (Alexander Penev) to visit the base. Afterwards, I quickly realized how much I had missed. Beginning classes there, I expected to need to master 5-6 new skills in order for everything to be alright. These 5-6 new techniques turned out to be 50-60. Not long after that I felt disappointed with myself, because I understood I had a lot more to learn. In a given moment I had almost given up.

I thank fate for finding a way to motivate me to keep fighting, so that I would not make a very foolish thing by giving up. The people of “Adgor” are amazing professionals, the best in this sphere. I admire them profoundly! I found a place where I am happy, and people with whom I feel happy. Gradually, my progress in horseback riding also became more and more noticeable. I am glad that I stayed, and know that I am with the best and in the best place at that. What more can I wish for?

Natalie Krzeminski

Naturally, I was fascinated with horses from a very young age. When I was 8-years-old, I received my first riding lessons in Germany, mainly in the English style of horse riding. Though I was taught the exceedingly correct and centered posture, I always missed out one thing - the understanding of horses, their body language, and the pure and natural way of handling them. This ultimately led to insecurity and fear. Hence, I focused on my studies and life again... When I heard for the first time about "Natural Horsemanship", I knew that this was the way I needed to take and learn all about it. Having been away from horses for 10 years, I accidentally came across „Adgor“. Here I finally had the chance to learn what I had sought for: the balanced way of working with horses, which ultimately leads to mutual trust and sound respect. Ever since, I cannot thaw my thirst for knowledge. Adgor's team helps me develop; however, the horses, in their natural and sincere way, reveal to me my mistakes as well. It is wonderful to see success during training and yet realize that there are a lot more goals that can be achieved. I am thankful for every moment in which I expand my knowledge and am happy when I get to train horses and riders. Not only I have found trustworthy friends, but here in the open nature I am able to rediscover myself, become one with the horse, and enjoy peace and freedom with it... to just feel alive!

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