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It all begins with „I want to ride!”.Though it sounds clear and definite, experience shows that different motivations and desires stand behind such words. People are all different and thus it is not surprising that everyone sees “going for a ride” in his own way.

Adgor riding complex offers riding, groundwork, horse and people training. It is up to you to make up your mind about what exactly you would like to achieve, feel or learn.

You may choose just a horseback ride – for relaxation, fresh air and sunshine. Or you may want to perfect your riding skills. You might want to learn how to understand a horse, to communicate with it, to build a partnership, based upon the principles of Natural horsemanship.

1. Who can ride at Adgor?
2. How is the study process conducted?
3. The type and manner of horse-related activities at Adgor
4. Information for those who ride English style
5. Safety
6. Pets
7. What you should know
1. Who can ride at Adgor?

Everyone is welcome at the riding complex: from beginning riders to riders with different levels of experience. It does not matter if you have the ambition to perfect your riding skills, or would like to take it easy and have a relaxing ride. The only thing that is required is to have the desire to ride and to follow the rules of the riding complex.

2. How is the study process conducted?

For the purpose of riding Adgor can offer an arena, as well as all of the beautiful surrounding landscape. The first lessons for beginners are conducted out in the open, where due to the varied terrain they can acquire an exceptionally good balance on a horse. The arena is for the use of everyone, desiring to improve their riding skills, to acquire finesse in working with horses, and to do ground work. For more information regarding the “how, why, and where?” of the different available activities, please see the in-depth descriptions (Certificate programs).

3. The type and manner of horse-related activities at Adgor

All of the horse-related activities in Adgor are built upon the principles of Natural horsemanship. This means, that not only are our horses trained according to those principles, but also that the riders are taught to successfully apply them.

Adgor offers Western style riding. It does not mean jeans, cowboy boots, hat, and a Western saddle. What is implied is the kind of practical horse tack, manner of Horse training, as well as riding skills designed for:
- Continuous work
The riding tack and the manner, in which the horse is handled results from the necessity for the horse and rider to work 8, 9, or more hours per day. In Adgor it provides us and the horses with comfort during long-hour rides on various terrain.
- Ease and maneuverability in riding
Western style riding is applied by the vaqueros, gauchos, and cowboys during their work with herd animals. Therefore it is necessary for the horse to react instantly even to a very subtle cue, which is often given suddenly. Moreover, it should be possible to neck-rein (or even control the horse without hands). That gives us maneuverability and control during riding on hard terrain and during different situations, which are likely to occur out in the nature – a sudden appearance of a wild animal, hunters, offroaders, bikers, a narrow debris-covered path and so on.

4. Information for those who ride English style

There are people, who are uncomfortable with the idea of our Western saddles, because they are accustomed to different ones. It is a fact, of course, that they are different. But these worries quickly subside, because riding is first and foremost – balance. A person with good riding skills (that is - good balance), can apply them with an English or Western saddle, as well as without a saddle.

5. Safety

In order to provide safety for riders and horses, the riding complex Adgor has a few rules, which are to be followed without exception:

- Riding is always conducted with an instructor
Every beginner is supervised by a personal instructor. Groups of advanced riders are always led by at least one instructor.

- Every rider must follow the requirements of the instructor, regarding riding.
- It is the decision of the instructor, whether or not the novice rider will receive the reins and will steer the horse independently.
- The instructor chooses the horse, which the rider will ride.
- All visitors must comply with the safety rules of the riding complex.
- Adgor riding stable offers and encourages the use of riding helmets.

6. Pets

Adgor riding complex kindly asks you NOT to come with family pets. This can be dangerous for them, as well as for the people (especially children), who are on the territory of the complex. If they provoke a conflict with the dogs, cats or horses at Adgor, your pets may accidentally get hurt. If in your mind you add to the overall chaos frightened kids and panic-stricken parents near horses tied to the hitching rail, you will complete the scene, which we are trying to prevent.

7. What you should know

All you have to do in order to ride at Adgor, is to give us a phone call in order to reserve an appointment in advance. Otherwise there is no guarantee that there will be free horses and instructors.
- If you think you might get hungry, take your own food – the riding complex has no restaurant or shop, offering food products.
- Consider the season and bring extra clothing accordingly – it is better to have it with you and not to have to use it, than for you to get cold or too warm.
Choose clothing that is comfortable and suitable for riding:
- Pants, that are not made of slippery material
- shoes, not too wide in the toe, preferably with a heel. Do not wear cleated and spiked shoes. If your shoes are low at the ankles (for example sneakers), put on high socks in order to protect your ankles from the cold, from sharp thorns and rubbing against the stirrups
- a hat that sits firmly on your head (if you wear a hat)
- sunglasses (again, firmly fitting), if your eyes are sensitive
- read the safety guidelines

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