Trail Riding

Sometimes each one of us needs to relax, to get a break, to give oneself a few moments when you don’t have to do anything, with no pressing demands weighing down on you. In this case, just a simple easy ride on a well-trained, calm horse would certainly be to your liking. A trail ride can suit anyone - from a two-year-old to the elderly. One of our instructors will guide you, so that you can freely enjoy the spectacular mountain views, feel the pleasure of riding, maybe even make photos of yourself and your friends. These moments of peace, harmony and unity with the horse and nature will charge you with energy and positive emotions for the entire week. The difference between a Trail riding and Riding for Beginners / Intermediate is that the accent is on the pleasure of the ride, without the training/educational elements.

A trail ride is perfect for anyone:
- For those that know how to ride
- For those that are just beginners
- For those, who don’t even want to learn to ride, and just need to escape from the every day stress. Just tell the instructor and he’ll lead you on an amazing trail ride and would leave out the training element

And if you enjoyed the ride and would like to learn to ride independently, Our team would gladly welcome and help you fulfill your dream (Riding for beginners). Of course certain rules should be observed. The independent trail riders cannot fully forget the responsibility for the behavior of the animal they are controlling. Unless you want the instructor to take control into his own hands.

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