Roping & Lasso

Roping is a part of Western riding practiced and mastered mainly by Mexican vaqueros, Argentine gauchos and American cowboys. Its practical application is on the ranch which makes it a must-have skill when sorting cattle, doctoring and branding. It’s used when working with horses and cattle, to catch, secure and lead calves, cows, bulls, horses and others. Apart from its application in livestock handling, roping improves stamina, develops dexterity, balance, quick thinking and better synergy between horse and rider.

A good roper has to necessarily have a well-trained horse which would allow him to approach and rope the animal and a sturdy saddle with a strong horn to dally the catch.Adgor offers you both, plus a professional instructor with ten years of experience in the US and the possibility to learn with an authentic American lariat. This way you’ll be able to expand your skills and become better by using the experience and traditions straight from American cowboys. The lessons begin on the ground and the accent is on learning the correct techniques of twirling, throwing and use of angles and distances. At this stage it is no problem if you aren’t a good rider or don’t ride at all. Every cowboy has to be able to rope animals on foot, and in the first stage you’ll learn how it’s done.

The second stage of training is done from saddle, so it is important to have good riding skills and an independent seat (not to count on your hands for balance) to be maximum effective without disturbing the horse. When you’ve made a good throw from the back of a galloping horse you will feel the synergy between the horse and the rider at its best.

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