Riding Trips

There is something magnetic about long riding trips. It is something that turns your day into a real adventure.
The preparation, the expectation, the excitement.
All day together with the horse, caring for each other.
The communication, companionship and sharing.
The spectacular mountain views seen from the back of a well-trained horse. We, at the Adgor riding stable organize day riding trips from time to time with varied duration and routes. The first priority here is yet again safety for both the riders and horses. That is why there are certain conditions, which the participants have to comply with. First of all there are requirements regarding the skills of the rider. In the name of their own safety, beginners are not allowed to participate. The participants should have at least basic riding skills:
- a stable independent seat at all gaits
- be able to keep up the desired gait and direction
- be able to stop the horse in any situation
- be able to keep distance from other horses when necessary.

Besides, those wanting to participate, who did not ride at Adgor until now, might need to take time to master and apply the methods in working with horses used at Adgor in order to apply them for the day riding trip.

Adgor’s horses are calm and well-trained. In order for you to fully experience the pleasure of your day riding trip it is best if you are also at least generally acquainted with our horsemanship methods. If you would like that experience, please contact us: we do not have a previously planned schedule and organize the day riding trips from time to time if there is an interest and a possibility.

Adgor riding stable offers and encourages the use of riding helmets.


The trail routes offer riding in the wild, mountainous nature, through varied terrain and spectacular scenery. Here are some of the routes you can join us on:

1. Full-day trail ride to Chuypetlovo village. From Adgor, situated near Kovachevtsi village, we ride to Yarlovo and cross the southern slope of Vitosha Mountains climbing to the picturesque village of Chuypetlovo, situated at about 1200 meters above sea level in a valley crossed by river Struma, commencing at Cheren Vrah. The southern exposition of the woods, which the trail goes through, gives bright and flamboyant colors to the foliage in spring and autumn. The vibrant views will leave you captivated. Since the trail ride takes a full day, a stop for food and rest is included.

2. Half-day trail ride to the chapel of “St. Peter’s Cross”. The chapel is located on fields close to Kovachevtsi village. The chapel is reached in several hours of riding through trails and fields south of Adgor riding stables.

3. Trail ride to Lake Alino. The route passes through Kovachevtsi and Popovyane villages.
(Popovyane village is one of the places with the biggest colony of storks in Bulgaria). The trail reaches the foot of Verila Mountains and here you can enjoy the beauty of Lake Alino.

4. Trail ride to Plana, situated east of Adgor. This trail ride offers you the possibility to relax and breathe in the clear air of the pine forests, and in the summer enjoy the beauty and fragrance of blooming meadows. On the way back there is a stop at Yarema village, at the tavern “At Bai Ilia’s” for a delicious meal.

Other trail routes are possible upon prior arrangement and with a sufficient number of people wishing to come. The short half-day trail rides don’t always include meals, but they can be arranged upon request.

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