Master Riders

No matter how advanced a rider is there is always something new he can learn. Besides riding on the mountain trails near Adgor and participating in long trail rides, which we organize, you can also make use of our advanced horsemanship:
- The subtle control over the horse with a completely practical purpose, characteristic for Western riding: The ease of the maneuverability of the horse, control over every part of it with minimal pressure. That would give you even more freedom and confidence during riding – no matter whether you ride in the arena or out in the nature. - Natural horsemanship: Approach and methods, for riding and groundwork, which turn the horse into a partner of the rider, working with a desire to please, leading you on the way to true understanding and communication with the horse. Natural horsemanship methods will give you the ability to achieve much with minimal effort, in a way natural for the horse. Riding with finesse begins with groundwork. It is very important to develop good control over all four zones of the horse – the head and the neck, the shoulders and the front legs, the rib cage and the hindquarters with the hind legs. In the third level of Adgor’s Practical Horsemanship Program the control of the zones of the horse looks like a dance between the horse and the human, where the ease of the partnership is completely apparent.

All this leads to work with the horse offline without the use of lead lines, reins and halters. Good control of the four zones of the horse, leads to the ease of maneuverability and is the ultimate goal, so as to have a side viewer barely see the cues given by the rider.

When this symbiosis between the horse and the rider is evident they are already fit to participate in competitions in sport disciplines like reining, dressage, show jumping, roping, etc. or to simply take the challenges of Trail riding, enjoying the relationship with a sure partner, which can be relied upon. In other words, master’s class will open new perspectives of understanding and partnership between you and your horse.

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