Kid's Riding

Your child keeps repeating “Mommy, I want a pony!” or pulls you on the sleeve saying “Daddy, I want a ride!” and points his finger at the ponies in the park…Or if you are looking for some physical activity for your child, which at the same time takes place outdoors, to take him away from the city life and give him a feeling of nature…Maybe you should take the chance and listen to your child (or yourself) in this matter? Riding for small children (age up to 7) is actually a short slow walk. If the child has a good balance and stable seat, he can be taken out on a “real ride” on the trails near the complex, where his horse will be led by the instructor also on horseback (see how that happens in the section “Riding for beginners”). If the child is very small, the horse can be led from the ground by an instructor while a parent (or one of the trainers) holds the child for additional security. Or the child can be led on a trail ride sitting in the saddle in front of the instructor. If the child is older (aged 7 and up) “real riding” is already suitable for him (see how that happens in the section “Riding for beginners”). If he rode before, this can only be an advantage. If the child has developed a good independent seat and the instructor thinks him ready, he may begin to learn to control the horse independently and gradually develop horse savvy according to his individual abilities. Generally speaking, children aged 10 or older can already make full use of all the activity offered in Adgor riding stable, but that depends first of all on the child himself, his physical fitness and desire to ride. Even though we do not have ponies in our stable, the horses in Adgor are well-trained, calm, and trusting of humans, which is important for safety, especially when children are concerned.

In Adgor we offer riding helmets and encourage people to use them.

Of course you are welcome to come in advance to see everything for yourself, before you trust us with your child. Important information

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