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For a few years now Adgor riding stable welcome Kids groups from schools and kindergartens as a study module of the spring and autumn “green schools” or as a one day outing in the nature. A visit to Adgor offers the children a possibility to experience a life different from the daily routine of our technological era.

For all children aged 4 and up we can offer a real riding lesson in the nature combined with maximum safety. Before the lesson, we always give instructions, so that the children will know the safety rules and also understand why they are necessary. During the riding lesson, every child is taken care of by a personal instructor, who also adjusts the exercises to fit the abilities of the particular child. For smaller children we offer a trail ride held in the arms of one of the instructors.

As part of the recreational activities the kids can learn archery, can get acquainted with the lifestyle of horses, the cares they require, their upbringing and training. If the kid’s age is appropriate, we can also offer groundwork with horses. Outings and walks in the area of the riding place are possible, as well as games and entertaining activities on our meadows.

Riding and communication with horses creates lasting memories for the kids, kindles the flame of love for nature and freedom, and brings them to think about the lifestyle our forefathers led.

The visits of organized Kids groups are arranged in advance by phone and requires a booking at least 10 days before the planned event. The days possible for such visits are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It is important to clarify beforehand the number and the age of the kids, as well as the desired activities.

In Adgor we offer riding helmets and encourage people to use them.

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