Intermediate Riders

Your desire to ride is no longer hazy and uncertain, because you already ride, know what it’s like and know what you want and look for. Look below to find out what Adgor riding stable has on offer for Intermediate riders and if you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Advanced riders can ride alone or in a group. Of course they are always accompanied by an instructor. Advanced riders can choose the route and ride longer, making use of the varied terrain, or join one of the trail rides organized by Our team. Intermediate riders can take lessons on the riding arena to improve their riding skills or groundwork. If you wish, you can write in for Adgor’s Practical Horsemanship Program.
Of course, during horse-related activities there are rules created for the safety of both people and horses, which should be observed. It is advisable to be acquainted with them:

An “intermediate” rider is any rider, who:
- Has a good balance and an independent seat.
- Has well-established basic riding skills – can, first of all, stop the horse, make it go with the desired gait and uphold it, change directions and keep distance. The level of the rider is determined by the instructor. That means that if the instructor finds necessary, he can take control over the horse of the rider, who does not cope on his own, or who, due to instability, might harm the horse, himself, or other riders.

We have many visitors that have ridden and studied in other places. Some took part in tourist trail rides, others rode in sport clubs or other riding stables. These are people with already formed skills and we are happy to see them interested in learning the methods used in Adgor riding stable.

Adgor offers riding helmets and encourages people to use them.

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