It often happens that when we like something very much we want to know more about it. We want to know the details. Therefore, people often have the desire not only to learn to ride but also to learn to take care of horses. If you would like, at Adgor riding stable we would gladly teach you:
- When and why the horse has to be in the stable box and in the pasture
- how much space and what bedding is best for a horse
- how to safely tie your horse to a hitch rail
- how to clean the horse’s hooves
- how to groom and brush the horse
- how to put on and take off the halter
- how to bridle and unbridle the horse
- how to saddle the horse You can also acquaint yourself with the principles of hoof trimming and shoeing, feeding and health care.

The knowledge of grooming gives a person the possibility to get to know the horse better and is a wonderful beginning for a partnership.

For the children and youth it gives a possibility to create a bond with horses which many of them have seen if only in films and in the net.

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