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Riding Vouchers

If after long hesitation you have finally decided not to get useless souvenirs for a present, which anyway usually gather dust on some shelf, and instead decided to make an interesting present, a riding gift certificate is a good choice. Whether as a gift for a loved one, a close friend, or just someone who has a festive occasion, it does not matter. To give someone an experience is something that truly impresses, something that leaves lasting, sometimes even unforgettable memories.

Adgor offers Gift certificates, which are arranged individually. You can choose the length of ride that suits you best – 1, 2, 5 hours, or you can choose a combined voucher for riding and a photo session.

The riding vouchers are valid for 2 month after their purchase. It is necessary to book the riding hours and the photo session no less than 3 days before your visit.

You can order the voucher and photo session by contacting us on the phone number provided on our website. The voucher is delivered via currier at the expense of the buyer. You can also purchase the voucher on the spot or arrange a meeting to receive it personally in Sofia.

A Gift With A Cause

Make a gift with a cause to your friends, colleagues or corporate clients! Buy a card set of 40 beautiful pictures of our horses.

The photos were shot with great love by Nikolay Chapkanov, Nadia Reid and Anna Elazarova.

Our campaign aims to help for the treatment of veteran horses as well as all abandoned horses on the territory of the base.

The album can be ordered by contacting us on the phone numbers provided on our website. The voucher is delivered via currier at the expense of the buyer. You can also purchase the card set on the spot or arrange a meeting to receive it personally in Sofia. The price is 80 BGN.

Thank you!

If you want to find out more about the initiative, you can have a look at our reasons for setting up the Foundation below.

Let’s keep them safe, not abandoned!

The golden sun gently dipped into the horizon. Yellow and pink hues melting into a beautiful faery sunset, glorious mountain scenery, fresh breeze and... two jutted horse ears. I hardly believe there is anything as wonderful as this magnificent colorful sunset, seen through the horse’s ears. Only those who ever felt it, know the real emotion.

The horse gives us a simple, but one of a kind understanding; without underestimating us and judging, arguing or questioning. Our horse is just here for us. Well… sometimes he is just there to gently push us by the hand, snore merrily and remind us of that hidden carrot inside of our sleeve. This fascinating creature gives us all his love, power and life. It is simply enough to feel his soft plushy nose on our shoulder and we know it!

We teach our horses to carry out every single wish that we have: to run in the heat, to stand still, to jump around, to carry us on their backs for hours and let us control every single move they make. We also train them to trust us unconditionally and even fly with the wind if that is what we want them to do. For years we prepare our horses for demonstrations, bring them to races, force them into exhibitions and all for pride, money and joy. People demand everything that comes to their mind and are capable of almost anything just to reach their goals and satisfy their desires. But horses never betray us, neither give up on us... They simply scratch their puffy noses goofily, stop exercising for a while and try to steal a few fresh blades of grass... then they keep on with the training.

But what happens to the horses when they are no longer eligible to complete every task that we need them to do? What really happens to these loyal animals when they suffer from injuries, illness or grow old? What do we do whenever we have taught them to trust us unconditionally? We simply betray them –we leave, sell, replace, kill or eat them, or just seek for the most fast and effective way to get rid of their burden, despite their loyalty, devotion and all of those beautiful emotions they have praised us with in the times they were in perfect health.

With these themed postcards we urge you to open your eyes and hearts and prevent the neglect and abandonment of our best friends. Do not leave them to the lurch! Do not quietly go home, without knowing what is going to happen to your recent loyal friends, when you gave up on them just because they are not able to do as you like anymore.

All proceeds from the cause will be used for better care, protection and treatment of the “Horse-veterans” in our Equestrian Center “Adgor”. The footage material, used for this purpose has copyrights and was created with lots of love from our photographers: Anna Elazarova, Nikolay Chapkynov – Niko Chapa and Nadya Reid.

Let us all contribute to the “Horse-veterans” health and well-being!

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