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The daily work with our horses, their perfect training and ease in handling, as well as the fact that they are accustomed to every manner of frightening objects and sounds, make them exceptionally apt for participation in TV and film productions. Their confidence in us helps them perform difficult exercises in environments, which are unusual for them, and to be calm and steady in tight, closed spaces. Our horses are used to all kinds of filming equipment, spotlights and lighting of all kind, as well as the dynamic atmosphere on the film set. The experience we gathered throughout the years and the participation of our horses and trainers in different TV shows, films and documentaries, their work in historical reenactment, demonstrations and covers, gives us full confidence in them.

Our particular pride is the evaluation we got from film directors and producers regarding the skills of Our team and our horses. The skills which save costly production time. During the course of the past 2017, horse base Adgor participated in a number of movie and TV productions, advertising videos and photo shoots, as well as in various reports and interviews. Some of our most interesting projects include participation in videos and movies after the idea of Plamen Miryanov and Our Home is Bulgaria foundation, parts in the German movie production Migrants and in the Bulgarian movie Voevoda, the presentation of Simeona Gerdzhikova in the documentary series of BNT, The Bulgarian Journey in Europe, the music videos of Edward Lazarev and Roy Sturn, the joint project for the Evkus show of Nikolai Binev Youth Theater, interviews for TV channel BiT The Returned, newspaper Vluhvite, as well as advertising videos for Volvo, Mini Cooper, Lidl, and Ivet Fashion.

Horse base Adgor has had long partnership with the BNT broadcast Unknown Land, with whose producer and director Atanas Dimitrov we have at multiple times shot episodes and reenactments featuring Anna Elazarova as an assistant facilitator of the show, as well as the team and horses of our horse base.

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