Adgor riding stables offers the possibility of full boarding for your horses. The boarding conditions have been chosen to comply with the needs for space, wholesome food, communication and safety. The stables have 31 single stalls, sized 3 x 3 m. each. All of the stalls are lined with the specialized "Kraiburg" rubber flooring for horses. The stalls are cleaned every day and the bedding is also changed daily. For bedding we generally use shavings– packed in bales especially for this purpose with 7 to 9 % moisture. Adgor has 190 decares of pastureland at its disposal, enclosed with electrical fencing. Pasture rotation provides the possibility for a maximally long period of grazing for the horses. This way they can enjoy both freedom and safety. We planned a good schedule of feeding, free grazing and communication. The horses are turned out every morning and turned in every evening. A ration of concentrated feed as well as hay is provided two times daily – morning and evening. The amount of feed complies with the individual needs of each horse. The established care routine in our stables contributes both to the peaceful life of the horses, as well as to a quick adjustment for the newly arrived horses. We do not offer a possibility of stall-only boarding (without pasture turnout). The following requirements need to be met before a horse can be accepted for boarding:
- the horse needs to have a watermarked passport with a micro chip number;
- be micro-chipped;
- to have all the necessary vaccinations;
- to be successfully treated against parasites;
- to have a duly issued certificate of veterinary inspection;

Immediately on its arrival the horse will be vaccinated against trichophytia and microsporia.

Additional conditions for the care of each horse can be specified individually. The boarding offers arrangement for additional services, such as hoof care (hoof trimming, shoeing, orthopedic corrections), parasite treatment, vet control, training, colt starting, horsemanship lessons, and transport. The horses are provided with 24-hour care by horse care professionals.

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