Do you remember the carefree days of your childhood, playing “Cowboys and Indians”, hide-and-seek, and returning home in the late summer evenings, your parents taking it as quite the way of things? Yes, those times are long gone, but that’s o.k. All times of life have their pros and cons.

Why not, even if it is just for a day, take our children out of the shopping malls, snatch them from their chairs in front of their computers, and show them a tiny glimpse of our own childhood? And if you think that for your child’s special occasion it is worthwhile to introduce him to a different world, to open his heart to the love of nature, perhaps you’ve found the right place.

Let him spend an afternoon with his friends, or why not an entire day, roaming free on the meadows around the riding stables. Let him get acquainted with those amazing creatures – the horses, and get a ride. This might just be something your child would really enjoy.

Apart from riding, we offer many other options for entertainment. Our riding place is only 23 km (14 miles) from Sofia so it can easily fit into a party day trip. Contact us so we can discuss what your wishes are and what your child and his friends would like the most.

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