Certificate program ADGOR 3


Review of the intermediate groundwork and riding techniques from Practical Horsemanship Program “Adgor – 2”

(3 hours)

Theoretical backup for the practical exercises:
1. What is the practicality behind the groundwork and riding exercises?
2. How to correct the horse? Why?

II. Practical part

Advanced Groundwork exercises
(35 hours + 4 hours free)

1. Change of direction in a circle with a passive handler (trot and gallop) 2. Leading the horse beside the handler (from both sides) at a walk and trot 3. Rollbacks leading the horse from the ground 4. Side passing without the aid of a barrier 5. Serpentine moving forwards 6. „C“ pattern at a lope 7. Circle Driving with the aid of a stirrup/stick and change of direction 8. Backup in a circle and serpentine 9. Additional desensitizing exercises - walking and stopping the horse on a plastic tarp, walking through plastic strips etc. 10. Desensitizing in motion with a scary object and ball 11. Groundwork on difficult terrain 12. Trailer loading and unloading Advanced Riding Exercises
(80 hours + 4 hours free)

Proper use of spurs while doing the riding exercises. The importance of lightness in the cues, and the subordination and willingness on the part of the horse

< 1. Collection at all gaits, in and outside of the arena 2. Controlling all the zones of the horse: a) Zone 2 - shoulder in, shoulder out, with collection, in and outside of the arena b) Loping rollbacks c) Spin d) Zone 3- Side passing (with flexed and straight neck), with collection, in and outside of the arena, without the aid of a barrier e) Zone 4 – Yielding the hindquarters (full circle) with a straight neck with collection in and outside of the arena 3. Hunches in at a walk 4. Combined exercises with collection a) Circling exercises with backup and vertical flexion: in and outside of the arena b) Circles, clover leaf patterns, squares with diagonals at all gaits, with collection c) Figure eights and serpentines, with collection, forwards and back: in and outside of the arena, with collection d) Daisy exercises at a trot and lope 5. Collected lead departures 6. Lead changes 7. Jumping over obstacle of at least two feet, with a saddle, and up to two feet bareback 8. Riding with a halter - on all gaits on the arena and outside, control of all the zones at a walk 9. Bareback riding - on a loose rein, at all gaits, in and outside of the arena. Controlling the four zones of the horse, at walk and trot with vertical flexion (where applicable) CONDITIONS
- Advanced course 4800 BGN
- Exam fee 250 BGN
- Extra hour’s 40 BGN per hour
All the prices are without VAT.

The participants are taking the exam in front of examining committee of at least two instructors. If needed they can take extra hours, regarding the course module, paying the preference price of 40 BGN per hour.

The fee for the advanced course can be reached with three payments:
First payment -2440 BGN is to be paid before the starting of the course.
Second payment - 1320 BGN a is to be paid before the end of the first month of the course,
Third payment - 1040 BGN is to be paid before the end of the second month of the course.

If the fee is paid fully in one installment, you can use 5% off the price for the course.

Regarding the course
The advanced course is designed for practical and western horsemanship, not for show jumping, dressage or horse racing.
The skills and knowledge the participants will enquire will depend on their personal, physical, and motivational attributes.

The duration for the advanced course is 6 months, if the participants are training three times weekly. The training lessons for the course are done on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The duration is 2 hours for a training lesson. If needed the number of lessons and their duration can be prolonged. If the participant doesn’t show up for more than three booked lessons, they will be fully paid.

The participants who have passed the advanced exam will receive “Certificate of Achievement – Advanced Horsemanship Level” and a “Certificate of verification of obtained horsemanship skills - according to Adgor standards – 1st star”, and can continue with the next levels of practical horsemanship for trainers offered by Adgor or other training schools.
Also after passing Practical Horsemanship Program “Adgor-3” the participants can work in Adgor as horsemanship instructors.

- Free 8 (eight) hours groundwork and/or riding.
- 5% off when fee is paid in full.

Adgor riding stable can change the terms of the course without further notice.

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