Certificate program ADGOR 2


(1 hour)

Review of the techniques from Fundamental Groundwork and Riding Program “Adgor -1”

(3 hours)

1. Human behavior around horses. Ways of dealing with situations, when doing the groundwork and riding exercises; Timing
2. Ways of dealing with different types of horses: alertness, analyzing situations regarding the different types of horse character
3. Instances when the human shouldn’t be working/training the horse from the ground or saddle: nervousness, psychological overload, fear, etc.
4. Pluses and minuses when riding with a halter or bosal

Foundation for the advanced Groundwork Exercises
(31 hours + 4 free)

1. Desensitizing to plastic bags, whips, scary noises etc.
2. Controlling the zones of the horse with a stick and a hand:
a) Zone 1 - Backing up and drawing in with a passive handler
b) Zone 4 - Yielding the hindquarters with minimal contact or pressure (full circle)
c) Zone 2 - Yielding the forequarters with minimal contact or pressure (full circle)
d) Zone 3 - Side pass both directions using a barrier
3. Circle with yielding the hindquarters
4. Lunging for respect and yielding the hindquarters - at a gallop
5. Lunging for respect with yielding the forequarters (rollback) - at a gallop
6. Leading the horse behind at a trot
7. Speed control at all gaits in a circle
8. Jumping the horse over small obstacle both directions
9. Lunging with passive handler
10. Desensitizing in motion

Foundation for the advanced Riding Exercises
(66 hours + 4 free)

1. Respect and ease when going and stopping the horse 2. Upholding a steady pace and direction with a loose rein at all gaits 3. Picking up the correct lead 4. Collection of the horse at a walk, trot and canter 5. Collected transitions to a walk 6. Control of all the zones of the horse with finesse: a) Zone 2 – shoulders in, shoulders out exercise, for at least a few steps b) Zone 3 – Side passing (with a straight neck and a bent neck) using a barrier c) Zone 4 – yielding the hindquarters with a straight neck, using a barrier (for at least a few steps) 7. Combined exercises: а) Movement in a circle – The ease of upholding a steady gait and change of course b) Square with diagonal at a lope c) Clover leaf pattern at a lope d) Figure eights and serpentines at a trot 8. Introduction to jumping over obstacle, up to two feet riding with saddle 9. Introduction to halter riding – going, stopping, lateral flexion, yielding the hindquarters, back up and riding to a trot in a circle and a straight line 10. Introduction to Bareback riding – going, stopping (using one and two reins), stability and balance of the rider (walk and trot) on a straight line and circle CONDITIONS
- Intermediate course 4000 BGN
- Exam fee 200 BGN
- Extra hour’s 40 BGN per hour
All the prices are without VAT.

The participants are taking the exam in front of examining committee of at least two instructors. If needed they can take extra hours, regarding the course module, paying the preference price of 40 BGN per hour.

The fee for the intermediate course can be reached with three payments:
First payment - 2080 BGN is to be paid before the starting of the course,
Second payment - 1080 BGN is to be paid before the end of the first month of the course,
Third payment - 840 BGN is to be paid before the end of the second month of the course.

If the fee is paid fully in one installment, you can use 5% off the price for the course.

Regarding the course
The intermediate course is designed for practical and western horsemanship, not for show jumping, dressage or horse racing. The skills and knowledge the participants will enquire will depend on their personal physical and motivational attributes.

The duration for the intermediate course is 6 months, if the participants are training three times weakly. The training lessons for the course are done on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The duration is 2 hours for a training lesson. If needed the number of lessons and their duration can be prolonged upon additional agreement. If the participant doesn’t show up for more than three booked lessons, they have to be paid in full.

The participants who have passed the intermediate exam will receive “Certificate of achievement – Intermediate level” and can continue with the next levels of practical horsemanship offered by Adgor. Also after passing our Practical Horsemanship Program level “Adgor-3” the participants can work in Adgor as horsemanship instructors.

- Free 8 (eight) hours groundwork and/or riding.
- 5% off when fee is paid in full.

Adgor riding stable can change the terms of the course without further notice.

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